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Sports and Cultural Choices for 2014

Sports and Cultural Choices for 2014

by Emma Muir -
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As the new term sees a change from winter to summer sports, it serves as a timely reminder to those students who are wishing to make their co-curricular selections for next year. St Andrew’s offers a broad range of co-curricular opportunities that complement and enhance learning in the classroom. Our vision for the area is based on “achievement and enrichment through participation in sport and cultural activities”. The college co-curricular staff spend a great deal of time planning for and providing the best opportunities for the students, to assist them in this process returning students are required to select their sport and cultural options prior to the end of this year for 2014.

Students sitting NCEA examinations will be asked to select their Co-curriculum options for 2014 next week. Year 9 and 10 students will complete their selections later in the term.

Click the following link to view the 2014 Sports and Cultural handbook: