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Christchurch Youth Council

Christchurch Youth Council

by Emma Muir -
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Wil Undy, Rose Oakley and Michael Chim (all Year 13) have been selected to be part of the Christchurch Youth Council. This is Wil's second year on the youth council and this year he is the secretary.

The council is comprised of 15 youth studying at high school, university or working all over Christchurch. They have an annual general meeting every month and meet more often during the month in ‘focus’ groups.

This year Rose is on the arts and culture group. They are currently planning ‘Winters End” which is a concert event held at the Pallet Pavilion during the winter festival. This event was also held last year and was very successful with lots of people attending.

Wil and Michael are in the rebuild focus group which is looking at the rebuild of Christchurch and specifically facilities for the youth such as improving the new bus exchange system.

One of the council's biggest events is the “WESPEAK” youth conference during New Zealand youth week. This is a big youth conference for Christchurch where there are workshops, activities, motivational speakers to talk to and inspire youth. 

They are all excited to be working together with the council this year to create events for the youth of Christchurch and provide a youth voice for the rebuild of our city!

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