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Skyping with Vikings in Jorvik

Skyping with Vikings in Jorvik

by Sam McNeill -
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This morning our Year 3 students had the opportunity to Skype with a Viking in Jorvik. You can read more about it by clicking here and this is a video of them asking the question "who are Vikings afraid of?"

It was an engaging and interactive hour long session, with Toba asking our students a number of questions, to which they could answer many of them, demonstrating some excellent learning had already taken place as part of this Viking unit. Toba showed a number of tools and weapons that were used by Vikings, with the swords and axes drawing excited “oohs and ahhs” from our students.

When it came to discussing personal hygiene, we learnt that the Vikings were very cleanly people, especially when compared to their contemporary Saxons who only bathed three times a year! When it came to dealing with nits and lice they had special combs for this and would also wash their hair in urine to kill the lice (to squeals of “that’s so gross” from our students!). You could tell who had done this as their hair turned very blonde!