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8C Skype with Author Jennifer Swanson

8C Skype with Author Jennifer Swanson

by Sam McNeill -
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On Wednesday the 4th of March 8C did a video chat with an author in Florida, USA. Jennifer is a Non-fiction author for children and she has written over 20 books. Her first book was published in 2008 when she was forty although she has been writing since she was 5 years old. She used to bring in little books that she had written for her class and read them, she described how she used to draw stick figures to illustrate them.

Jennifer started the Skype with showing us many of her books including one which she had written in 14 days that had 100+ pages that was about engineering. After that we asked her some questions about her career, like how does she get her inspiration to which she replied by saying she gets it by reading and listening to the news, and watching TV. Then we asked her about what advice she could give us to help in our writing, she said that to write well you have to use good descriptive words that will reel the reader in and also said that although how boring it is you have to do lots and lots of editing, reading it over and over again. She also added that she likes to read it out loud to her dogs and says that it helps to see if the sentence sound just right.

I think that it's pretty cool that although Jennifer Swanson is so far away we felt like she was right there in the room thanks to Skype. I think that the whole class enjoyed this experience and we all want to do it again!

By Elena