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Year 4 Student Writing

Year 4 Student Writing

by Vicki Pettit -
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Well done to our Year 4 students for completing some stunning writing recently. Below is a sample from two students. 

Rainy Day

When I woke up from a deep sleep, the rain outside was dripping like silver needles into puddles. Spencer and I were off for a walk.

We skipped down the stairs and put on our warm clothes. We fetched our rain jackets and umbrellas.

Outside it was freezing, but we didn't feel the raindrops at all.

We had coins jingling in our pockets. Would there be milk bottles in our $1 mixtures?

I chose a milk bottle and popped it in my cheek, sucking it slowly on the journey home.

By Madi H

Reporting to Airbase

As the fuel tanker approached, my heart raced. I was flying smoothly. I had half a tank left and I was flying back to my airbase. I landed with a thud. Only two dents in the undercarriage but apart from that my craft was fine.

I glanced down at my sweat laden shirt. The heat in the cockpit was always intense. This lucky pilot, was pulled out of his plane cramping. "Good to have you back!” The maintenance crew slapped Will on the back.

 I staggered, still cramping across to the hanger for a well-deserved cup of tea and a chinwag. Another spitfire landed and the chinwag went on for hours deep into the night, until one by one the pilots had returned safely.

One pilot regaled tales of flying across the Pacific. The laughter died when a cracked voice came over the radio:

"Breaking News, a plane has been shot down off the coast. Emergency boats are approaching the scene.”

My heart sank as I glanced across at my best friend's empty seat...

By William B

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