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My Worst Nightmare - A Recount by Padric

My Worst Nightmare - A Recount by Padric

by Vicki Pettit -
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A fantastic descriptive recount by one of our Year 5 writers. Well Done Padric!

My Worst Nightmare

Last night, as I lay in my bed, a nightmare hit me. I was standing on a beach somewhere in the Pacific. Lightning was flashing and the sea was raking the sand and hauling it back into the sea.

Six men, fighting with tridents, lightning bolts, swords and spears, were slashing at each other; kicking, biting and doing what they could to hurt each other. They cursed in Ancient Greek.

I was shouting at them to stop fighting.

But then I felt a shiver down my spine that froze my insides. Suddenly my instincts took hold and I just ran. I ran faster than I had ever run before.

'Creeeeeeeeek!' Suddenly the ground split open. A shuddering noise shook the whole world.

"Keep fighting my brethren. We will crush Mt Olympus and the gods with it. Mount Othrys will rise again and I will be leading you, Lord Kronos, Lord of Time and King of the Titans!”

On the last word, air sucked me in to the hole.

I woke up, my face beaded with sweat, spread-eagled on my bedroom floor.