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World Vision Global Leadership Convention

World Vision Global Leadership Convention

by Emma Muir -
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All of the community service leaders attended the World Vision “Global Leadership Conference” at La Vida last Friday in preparation for the 40 hour Famine on 15-17 August 2014.

The students interacted with other students from around Christchurch while engaging in a thought provoking game and listening to various motivational speakers with the focus of this year's Famine on Malawi. Throughout the game other countries could overtake each other in the power round. In the end, all realised the lesson of the ‘game’ was that every country has enough resources to survive but it is ultimately the people who create the inequality in our world.

Four youth ambassadors from World Vision who went to Malwai also spoke about the extreme poverty there. Another guest speaker was Sam Johnson who talked about the importance of community service and being an active citizen in society to help others.