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SPCA Cupcake Day

SPCA Cupcake Day

by Vicki Pettit -
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SPCA PictureOn Monday 18th of August, Year 5 went to the SPCA. We visited lots of animals, including a dog called Murtle and a guinea pig called Vinnie. Many of the animals there had been abandoned, sick or injured. Year 5 learnt about the "five freedoms”.  The five freedoms are what animals should have: food and water, shelter, love, vet care and exercise.
There were some cool animals with cool stories. Most of the stories were about cruelty to animals. One was how nine dogs were cramped in a barrel at the SPCA driveway in the middle of night. They were later found and rescued by SPCA security.
Richard and Marren (SPCA staff) showed us around on a tour of the SPCA.  There was a cow called Bertie, a sheep named Lennie, and a kuni-kuni pig named Doris. There are currently two rabbits (Charm and Roger) for sale for $40 each.

Cupcake Day

On Monday 25th August Year 5 will be selling cupcakes as a fundraiser for the SPCA. One cupcake will cost $2.00. We will start at 12:35pm. 5CC will be selling them in 5CC's windows while 5AL will be selling them in the High School.
The SPCA is completely dependent on the public and their kind donations because the government doesn't finance their organisation. 

By Toby Harvie (5CC) and Selena Gan (5CC)