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Skyping with Nanogirl!

Skyping with Nanogirl!

by Vicki Pettit -
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Dr Michelle Dickinson is a scientist who goes by the name 'Nanogirl'.  Nanogirl likes creating, building and specifically breaking small things. She works in engineering and runs NZ's only nano-mechanical testing laboratory at  Auckland University. The Year 4's and Year 6's had the opportunity to Skype call Nanogirl herself and found that she was incredibly kind and easy to talk to. With the 100 days project, Nanogirl wants to find 100 people to carry out 100 science experiments. Year 6's specifically used one of Nanogirl's 100 days experiments in class recently. Whilst skyping Nanogirl one of the questions that was asked was, 'What was the most interesting 100 day project that you did?'  She said that she was experimenting with a child and a balloon, and she could fit twelve balloons on the child's hair and two on her eyebrows.  We also asked her what her latest invention was, and she shared with us her butterfly earrings that she had recently made with a 3D printer.

By Izzy Kotzikas, Abby Jones and Isabelle Scrymgeour

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