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Mystery Skype With Class in Oklahoma

Mystery Skype With Class in Oklahoma

by Sam McNeill -
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Mystery Skype Review by Aleisha 8T

Our mystery skype was with a school in Oklahoma. The aim of the game was to figure out where they are in the world before the other team. Straight away we had a hint about where they were because of their ascents.

My first thought when we started doing it was that this could be ok, but I didn't think great. Then after a couple of questions we really started getting into it. It became more like a game. It didn't feel like we were learning it just felt like a competition. We didn't really realise that we were learning how to ask questions that would actually help us narrow down where they were. But we weren't just learning that we were also learning about where places are I the world and what's near them.

There was a couple problem that I found, one of them was that we had a little advantage at the start because we could tell where they were because of their American accents. But it evened out at the end because they had the advantage that in the eastern side of the southern hemisphere there are only two main countries and that's Australia and New Zealand. So they only had to ask few questions to figure out where we were. New Zealand is so small.

After the game was over we talked to the other school about what it's like there and other random things. It was really cool just to talk to them because it's not every day you get to speak to a class on the other side of the world. Over all the mystery skype was really fun and we learnt a lot when it felt like we were learning nothing at all. I would easily do another mystery skype again it was great fun and really entertaining.