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ICAS English Exams 2015 Registrations

ICAS English Exams 2015 Registrations

by Sam McNeill -
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International Competitions and Assessment for Schools (ICAS) assessments have taken place annually in schools for over thirty years and in twenty countries.


·is an annual skills development assessment program in key areas of learning for students in Years 3-13; St Andrew's College English Department are making assessments available in English and Writing

·gathers performance information through a 30-60 minute supervised in-school test

·uses fellow students' results as a reference point; results are mapped against all students sitting at the same year level in New Zealand

·provides an excellent preparation for national testing

·enables students at all levels of ability to participate; ICAS contains questions designed to specifically explore the abilities of students of all standards - this includes those of both lower and higher levels of achievement

·medals are awarded to the top students in each subject and year level (when sufficiently meritorious and the test was sat on the official sitting date)

·achievement certificates are awarded to all students at a range of levels:

1.High Distinction to the top 1% of students

2.Distinction to the next 10% of students

3.Credit to the next 25% of students

4.Merit to the next 10% of students

5.Participation to all other students

·reports indicate which questions were answered correctly, compare student performance to that of the other students tested and are highly suitable for inclusion in a student's portfolio for future tertiary entrance or job