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by Vicki Pettit -
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TreeOn Friday the 13th, students in Year 8 partook in an electronics engineering program run by Futureintech, an IPENZ initiative. Students were split into groups of four and started by soldering wires to different outputs and wiring up LEDs.

After a break for lunch the students then began programming these devices using Picaxe. The final product turned out to be a Christmas tree, with flashing LEDs to a tune.

Students learned about programming and engineering under the guidance of the engineers: Mark Beckett - Airways, Zac Mackintosh - Airways, Andre Renaud - Aiotech Ltd, Robbie Muir - Connetics, Scott Bamford - Allied Telesis. The sponsor of the kitset trees was Tait Communications.

Thank you for a great day.

Jack Kelliher and Sebastian Giesen - 8Scassia